The curriculum we use is a fun, hands on, research based program called Mother Goose Time. While our curriculum is a big part of our day and supports our philosophy and where our learning themes and activities are come from, it isn’t where we get our main tools for teaching, or what our program is based on. At Red Wagon, we encourage individuality, freedom of expression, and for kids to be kids. We understand how important the guidance and emotional support that children receive at this age is. We have created a program and philosophy in which everything a child does gives them guidance and support. We have hands on games and crafts, group activities as well as individual activities to challenge children each day. Something our teachers keep in mind, is that children are capable of more than we typically think. We give them opportunities to be successful all on their own. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, kids are learning to be responsible by taking care of the supplies they use,  trying new things and experiencing cause and effect, they have jobs each day to help them become community helpers, self reliant, and build their self esteem. Most importantly we teach with love, compassion, respect and kindness. We are here to support a childs social and emotional growth, as much as we are their academic kinder readiness.

Choices! Children are free to make choices at school giving them the very crucial sense of control that helps children develop self regulation, self motivation and academic success for the future.

Within the structure of our routine and daily schedule, they can choose their activities in centers, they can choose what they would like to create and what they are going to use to make it. Children are not one size fits all, they are stimulated by different activities and environments, we all have different passions and interests, and of course we all learn differently. At Red Wagon, we have an approach that accepts and embraces kids and their own style of  learning. With guidance and encouragement, children learn to make positive choices.

Our job as preschool teachers is to help children, socially, emotionally, and academically, to prepare for grade school.

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