Our Daily Schedule

7- 9a Drop off time/ Centers
9:00a Group activity and hand washing
9:15a Snack
9:30a Music and movement
9:45a Circle time
10:15a Rotations (Art, library, recess, math and science, dramatic play)
12:00p Lunch
12:30p Helper jobs and stories
1:00p-2:45p Rest (nap for those who need it, a quiet time for those who don't)
3:00p Snack
3:15p Circle time
3:30p Rotations
5:00p Evening clean up
5:15-6p Table choices/ pick up time


Holiday Closures:

September Labor Day

November Veterans Day and Thanksgiving (Thurs&Fri)

December Christmas Break- 24th&25th minimum- 1 week max depending how the holiday falls

January New Years Day, MLK Day

February Presidents Day

May Memorial Day

July Independence day, week summer break (July 9-13,2018)


Open 7am to 6pm with preschool running 9am to 4:00m. Half days are available 7a-12/12:30